Five Initiatives

Accelerating Economic Growth & Improving Quality of Life in Memphis and Shelby County

Memphis Fast Forward supports a portfolio of initiatives based on the convergence of research and common sense: that economic growth and prosperity and improved quality of life result from getting the basics right  -- good jobs, an educated workforce, safe neighborhoods, healthy citizens and government fiscal strength. To that end, Memphis Fast Forward develops, supports and implements strategic action plans in the following areas:


Growing jobs by leveraging strengths as a logistics hub to grow other industry sectors
that require expedited access to shipping channels. 


Building a competitive workforce for the new economy by strengthening 
education from early childhood through career 

Operation: Safe Community

Reducing crime through data-driven strategies
for  law enforcement and intervention

Government Fiscal Strength

Promoting good stewardship of tax revenues, efficient operations,
strategic investments and sound  financial management  

Healthy Shelby

Improving community health and the patient experience of care
while reducing the per capita cost of health care  

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